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PHP DocWriter is a set of PHP classes that allows you to create documents in XML format (that is, StarOffice/ documents).

It is also capable of communicate with the application with the purpose of convert XML generated documents to any other format supported by the application in an automatic and transparent way.


The class is still under development but it's fully fuctional right now. At the moment it has the following features:

  1. Page headers and footers

    You can define various clases of pages on your documents (first page, index, standard, etc.) and assign a different header/footer for each class.

  2. Textboxes
  3. Images
  4. Tables
  5. Drawings drawings are a method for describing two-dimensional vector graphics. This specification follows closely the SVG standard, so it supports all basic SVG shapes like rects, circles, ellipses, lines, polylines and polygons as well as the path element. This class does not support (at moment)'s three-dimensional graphics.

  6. Styles management

    • Page styles
    • Paragraph styles
    • Character styles

  7. Meta-information of the document

    Meta information of the document includes all the document itself relative information such the author or the title of the document.

  8. Automatic conversion of created documents to other formats

    This is achieved using the UNO interface of application. The library comunicates with the application throught this interface in order to convert documents to other formats. The library cannot convert documents itself, it need to be installed and correctly configured to accept petitions. Currently the formats possible to convert are MS Word, PDF, RTF, StarWriter, LaTeX, XHTML, HTML, etc.

  9. Misc

    Some miscellaneus features of the library:

    • Links
    • Bookmarks
    • Page breaks
    • Predefined fields

      Fields like page number or number of pages of the document

For a (non complete) list of a features I would like to add to this library, you can go to Future plans section. This is a preliminary list, that means that is not complete and maybe some of the features listed there will be not implemented finally.