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Here are some little examples that show you how to start to create some simple documents. These examples works with the latest version of the library (currently 0.3 version).

  1. Simple example: insert text
  2. Text styles and line breaks
  3. Textboxes
  4. Images
  5. Header, footer and meta-information
  6. Tables
  7. Some drawings
  8. <?php

    $sxw = new pdw_document;


    $sxw->SetStdFont('Times New Roman'10);
    $sxw->Write('Podemos ');

    $sxw->Write('aplicar ');

    $sxw->SetFont (array('family'=>'Comic Sans MS''size'=>32));
    $sxw->Write ('DIFERENTES ');

    $sxw->SetFont (array('family'=>'Verdana''style'=>'B''size'=>22));
    $sxw->Write ('tipos de letra ');

    $sxw->SetFont (array('family'=>'Univers''style'=>'UI''size'=>24));
    $sxw->Write ('al texto');


    You can generate the document corresponding to this script, to do that click here.